Wholesale Distribution Services

Wholesale distribution services focusing on convenient stores, liquor stores, dispensary's and head shops. We provide a variety of high margin products and outstanding customer service to our customers.


Snowball Distribution has a wide variety of apparel for your retail location! Colorado hats in both flat, curved bill and winter beanies. Displays are provided at no cost and help showcase apparel for your customers. We also provide custom price point advertisements for your locations needs. -Floor hat rack maximum capacity is 144 caps -4 tier hat rack maximum capacity is 40 caps Face masks are available in a variety of designs and sizes. We offer kids masks as well. High quality socks Lanyards Flipflops

Torches and Butane

Snowball Distribution is proud to offer a wide variety of Techno Torch brand butane torches. 4 Tier acrylic displays at no cost to showcase for retail locations. Butane by the case in 300ml and 750ml cans.


Good Hemp Water - 4 flavors, Good Hemp Fizz - 3 flavors, Drinkade Hangover beverages.

Smoking Accessories

Snowball Distribution has all the basis covered for you smoke shop needs. We offer a large variety of glass smoking accessories and vape products to equip your retail location with the new hot items on the market. Acrylic displays provided at no cost.

The Dipper Incense

We always have the best scents to offer with with multiple display options. Both large and small stick in stock always!

Revitalize CBD Products

We are proud to offer a full line of CBD products by Revitalize CBD. Products available= Topicals, Oils, Pet products, Gummies and hard candies, Full Spectrum capsules, Broad Spectrum Oils. Displays available.

Kratom Products

Krakatoa Kratom products available in a wide variety of strains and packaging options for all your customers needs. Organically grown along with pharmaceutical grade drying and packaging process.

Toker Poker

This is the BEST smoking accessory on the market! 25/DSP in a variety of designs such as glow in the dark, Metallic, Multi Color, and custom prints.

Male Enhancement Products

We have a variety of male and female enhancement products available. Single pill, Double pill and liquid variety's.